3 Autumn Picks from Merchant 1948

The great thing about the change of seasons from Summer to Autumn is the number of options that the colder months provide. The jandals and espadrilles you’ll see kicking about in the sand, turn into Chelsea Boots and Derby shoes that wade through the crinkled leaves of fall. Palette-wise you’ll notice a change of bright hues fading into a range of earthy, more “natural” tones.

Merchant 1948 has an impressive range of footwear with a distinctively European flavour – stylistically and with their penchant for craftsmanship.¬† With Autumn arriving, it’s time to ditch the jandals for some classier, cold-friendly options.

The Sneaker – Degrasse Black

There’s something really¬†eye-catching about the sneaker. While the sneaker-sphere has a heavy focus on design philosophies heavily influenced by basketball and skating, you can find really sharp pieces that have a French/Italian influence. The Degrasse Black’s dark leather tone and pattern give it a unique feel, and it’s balanced nicely with a cork-like mid and a ribbed white/black bottom sole.

The Boot – Lamar Taupe Suede

The laceless nature of Chelsea Boots give them sharp yet streamlined feel, and the Lamar Taupe Suede pulls that off masterfully. The tanned, near light brown suede is perfectly suited for Autumn and the woody sole just adds that extra touch.

The Derby Shoe – MonteVettore

When it comes to dress shoes, there are a number of different ways you can go – Brogues, Oxfords, Bluchers (just to name a few). The classic Derby Shoe, in this case, the MonteVettore, has a smooth design and a slick balance of colour. The thin laces paired with a slim front give it a distinct, sharp feel and the sheen of the black leather is further accentuated with a nice mahogany-like sole. A black leather shoe with a nod to fall.