Break The Bank

Power Chargers are becoming more and more popular as the need of having your phone fully ready and with you at all times are on the rise.

The high capacity of a power bank is a definite must for anybody with an electrical device. They work best on road trips and holidays away and offer a power-capacity of 26,800mAh so it won’t die on you when you’re out and about. The length of the power-pack is 17cm in length and 7cm in width, so can fit in a bag pocket and doesn’t get in the way as other power-packs might. It is quite a heavy machine, so might get a bit heavy in your pocket. But it’s a very reliable little machine, and the power capacity is in the name. The battery can last several days or even several weeks. You can grab one of these power-packs at appliance shops around the country for about $200.