Degrees Of Success

There’s a popular story that runs around online begging for your valuable clicks that goes along the lines of “13 Highly Successful People Who Never Graduated College”. It has a certain stick-it-to-the-man glint about it.

Cheating the system to make it to the top by forging your own path while avoiding a ton of debt right as you’re about to enter the workforce.

Suffice to say it’s the sort of thing that will really make a student feel like they’ve made the right decision by venerating success over education.

1.8 million people got bachelor’s degrees in 2013, we don’t want them feeling alienated so to balance things out a little we’ve managed to scrounge up a hearty 9 people to represent them as successful people who also happen to have degrees.

9 People Who Got Higher Education and Still Became Successful

Tom Hiddleston – Classics

Jon Stewart – Psychology Degree

Larry Paige – Degree in Computer Engineering

Warren Buffet – Degree in Business Administration

Michael Bloomberg – Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Tim Cook – Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

Shaquille O’Neal – Bachelor’s Degree

Emma Watson – English Literature

Kate Middleton – History of Art