Health News – February 2018

It’s the season of summer sports, so grab your mates and head out to the tennis, races or polo this February.

Catwalk Trust

Modern medicine is an incredible thing. Smallpox? Eradicated. Heart failure? We can transplant a new one. But there are fields where more research is required and the treatment and cure for Spinal Cord Injury still has a way to go. Far too often we take the ability to walk for granted simply because it’s an innate action we don’t even think about. The moment it is taken away from you, everything changes. Simple actions like getting into cars and moving up stairs become problematic. But we are making progress.

The CatWalk SCI Trust, was founded in 2005 by Catriona Williams, at the time one of New Zealand’s premier international equestrian riders. A riding accident in 2002 left her a C6/C7 tetraplegic, but Catriona found a new calling – a cure for paralysis. The CatWalk Trust raises funds to support research into finding a cure for Spinal Cord Research.

2017 brought plenty of promise and progress in finding a cure for spinal cord injury. The Spinal Cord Injury Research Facility (SCIRF) at Auckland University is a team of dedicated researchers that has the backing and significant support from the CatWalk Trust. SCIRF’s research into gene therapy is particularly promising. Gene therapy may prove to be integral in delivering a protein that breaks down scar tissue post-injury, allowing for regrowth and reconnection of nerve cells. Experiments conducted using gene therapy alongside exercise rehabilitation show strengthened nerve connections in limbs and a greater improvement in walking and coordination. A cure for SCI is not far off, and hinges upon using a combination of treatments and different approaches.

The CatWalk trust frequently fundraises and in November last year, the CatWalk trust entered ”Team Catwalk”, a team of 27 athletes and eight supporters into the New York Marathon, fundraising $175,000 with the intention of “running so others can walk”. CatWalk Trust deputy chairman David Pretorius suffered a stress fracture in his leg prior to the race, but continued on crutches to provide awareness for SCI.

The cure for SCI is a matter of when not if, but for progress to be made, medical research relies upon funding. For more information, and if you would like to donate, head to


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Comvita® Honeygar™ 750ml

Many people don’t know about the super powers of apple cider vinegar and most people screw up their faces at the thought of drinking it. But Manuka Honey, on the other hand… we just can’t get enough! So the clever team at Comvita® came up with a new signature blend of these two ingredients to come up with their unique Honeygar™.

Comvita® Honeygar™ combines naturally fermented apple cider vinegar with Comvita® UMF® 5+ manuka honey. It can be taken as a health tonic or used in salad dressings. Since ancient times, vinegar has traditionally been used for a healthier life.

Serving suggestion: To make a healthy and delicious beverage, mix one tablespoon of Comvita® Honeygar™ with water, adding lemon to taste. In winter, use warm water.