In Full Blum

An Actor, Producer, Writer, and advocate for equal rights in America, Jeff Goldblum has his sauve fingers in a lot of pies.

With his flawless charm and alternative style, he’s been voted as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. After starring in blockbusters such as Jurassic Park, Independence Day, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Thor, Goldblum latest role is in the Wes Anderson stop-motion feature Isle of Dogs as Duke the Dog.

How Goldblum Got To Where He Is Today:
  • Born October 22 1952 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Studied Acting at Sanford Meisner in New York from age 17
  • Performed in Stage Productions “Death Wish” (1974), “California Split” (1974), “Nashville” (1975), “Annie Hall” (1977)
  • Began acting on the big-screen in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” (1978), and “Threshold” (1981)
  • Acted in TV Show “Tenspeed and Brown Shoe” (1980)
  • First big break in  horror classic remake “The Fly” (1986)
  • Stared in two of the biggest blockbusters of the 90s, “Jurassic Park” (1993) and the sequel ” The Lost World” (1997)
  • 1996 stared in “Independence Day” alongside Will Smith, a film which grossed more than $800 million
  • Earned an Academy Award Nomination for creating the live action short “Little Surprises”
  • Went on to work on a range of different films from different genres, including indie, voiceover, comedies and thrillers
  • Nominated for an Emmy in 2005 for guest star role on “Will & Grace”
  • Joined the cast of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” as Detective Zack Nichols in 2009
  • Reprised role in “Independence Day: Resurgence” (2016)
  • Featured in Marvel Cinematic Universe film “Thor: Ragnarok”
  • Played voice role of Duke in “Isle of Dogs” (2018)
  • Will reprise his role in “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” (2018) as Dr. Ian Malcolm