Robotic Pillow

If an average night’s sleep is equivalent to eight hours, then you spend a third of your life asleep. Gee whiz. So why not amp up the quality of sleep to increase the quality of your waking moments? Counting sheep, tossing and turning, intrusive thoughts are part of the pursuit of the land of nod, but Netherlands based company Somnox have created a robot pillow to help us “catch some z’s” quicker.

The kidney shaped Somnox pillow helps you get to sleep with non-invasive features like breathing regulation, calming audio and ergonomic design. You cuddle it a bit like a teddy bear, and the Somnox simulates the rising and falling sensation of breathing, helping you adjust your own breathing patterns and reduce stress levels. Audio like the sound of heartbeats, guided meditation and white noise helps you doze off, automatically switching off once you’re asleep. Pretty awesome idea, but let’s hope the pillow doesn’t become sentient like Sophia the Robot – that is the stuff of nightmares.