The New Kid On The Block

When it comes to getting your groom on, the trim is something you want to leave to the professionals, and if your usual stylist is busy or you’re just ready to try a new, stylish salon, The Cut is ready for you, offering only the essentials, and when you need it.

The new kid on the block is a clever concept and is a must-visit on your grooming hit-list. The Cut is a new opening from renowned, award-winning hairdressers Hamilton Brooks and Frana Evans, and delivers a walk-in encounter that is as much a good experience as it is an easy one. Situated in the heart of Auckland’s most popular shopping mall, Sylvia Park, The Cut stands out from the rest with its plush interiors, featuring designer lighting from Douglas and Bec and Flynn round mirrors from Superette around the walls. This is the second salon that Brooks has opened and he says they plan on expanding The Cut to more locations in the future.

When it comes to us men getting our hair cut, we are definitely creatures of habit: a number one fade on the sides and kept long on top for me. So when I visited Brooks for my trim, we talked about change and decided to work towards a new look. “Men don’t often ask their hairdresser for what they should get as a hair cut, where women often do,” Brooks says. I had no idea on how to move toward a new look, so picking Brooks’ brain really helped.

This is not Brooks first opening; six years ago he opened his first, eponymous salon ‘Hamilton Brooks’, so the business is not new to him but, as always, there are struggles with bringing a vision to life. “We started planning this space more than 12 months ago, and it took most of that time to wait for the perfect location. We had the vision of what it would look and feel like inside, but it was just a waiting game to bring it all together.”

After a buzz trim on the sides, a quick wash in the basin and Brooks working his scissor magic, my hair was ready to dry and style, and that is the main highlight of this new concept; it’s a no-fuss – but certainly not no-frills – experience, where you can come in and get exactly what you want. From just a fringe trim, a neck tidy-up, a quick blow wave for the ladies, to a swag new look for the little ones, The Cut will have something for everyone. So next time you’re in need of a tidy up, this is your new go-to for a good time and a good cut.