The Sunrise Smart Pillow

You know how you went to sleep on your dumb pillow last night and thought to yourself “I wish my pillow could double as an artificial sun and also play bluetooth music”? well today your dreams have become reality.

The Sunrise Smart Pillow has successfully smashed its targets on Kickstarter as the consumer tech crowd has thrown as much money as they can at it.

The pillow is lined with lights on either side, that slowly brighten and wake you up the natural way without the need of a violent alarm clock beeping at you. In the morning your pillow will simulate a full sunrise. The gradually increasing light falls on your sleeping eyelids telling your body to stop producing Melatonin (the sleep hormone) and begin producing the energy hormone. This mimics the natural wake-up process you get when waking up to nature.

If you’re a heavy sleeper who doesn’t get woken up by silly things like light then after the sunrise on your pillow has been completed it will gradually turn up music or sound effects like bird calls to bring you out of your slumber.

As with all smart devices, the Sunrise Smart Pillow comes with an app for your phone which gamifies your sleep. It tracks all sorts of patterns about your sleep, marking how restless you are and other factors to give you a score. You can turn your habits that affect your sleep into a science.Your sleep trends & history show you how exercise, late nights, and even alcohol consumption affect your score, so you can perfect your sleep. You can now optimise pretty much everything about your life, you efficient robot you.

If you were worried about bulky electronics being stuffed into your pillow, don’t worry too much. All of the intelligent components are invisibly embedded deep within premium aerated memory foam. The pillowcase is made with ultra-breathable diamond-quilt fabric to maximize comfort, cooling, and airflow.