This Weeks Top 10 Posts on M2

1. Double Edged: The Return of Blade Runner (M2 September 2017)

Ryan Gosling

We’re treading on hallowed ground now. We all knew that one day Hollywood’s rummaging hand would light upon a classic like Blade Runner. They’ve already made the right first move by not rebooting everything from scratch. The second move they need to make is far more nuanced… Read more +

2. When To Not Care in Business (M2 September 2017)

It’s not often I get the time to sit down and read a book. Maybe it was something about the title that provoked an interest. If anyone is familiar with the bestseller The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life, Mark Manson tells us that not giving a f*** is the key to a happy successful life… Read more +

3. The Monthly Sports Agenda (M2 September 2017)

It’s business as usual in September, and Australia is the place to be for sporting action in this part of the world, as their most supported codes wind up their seasons. Elsewhere on the globe, New York is hosting two events of international significance with records to be broken… Read more +

4. Our Amazing World (M2 August 2017)

On July 26, 2017, a member of the Expedition 52 crew aboard the International Space Station took this photograph of one of the 16 sunrises they experience every day, as the orbiting laboratory travels around Earth.  One of the solar panels that provides power to the station is seen in the upper left… Read more +

5. How to Dress Like a Kingsman (M2 September 2017)

Ever since the first film from the Kingsman franchise hit our screens, we have been obsessed with the concept of bringing back a big focus on the art of tailoring and, as Colin Firth proclaims in Kingsman: Secret Service, “the suit is the modern gentleman’s armour”. We totally agree and his words are a testament to the durability and timelessness of classic tailored clothing… Read more +


From one of the flattest countries in the world, to the sharp ascents of the Southern Alps, Dutch-born Stef Zeestraten has, as is his wont, carved a name for himself in New Zealand snowboarding folklore… Read more +

7. James Franco – the Quintessential Cool Coach Guy (M2 September 2017)

While most of us know James Franco as an A-list Hollywood actor, he is becoming more and more known for his writing, poetry, art and music… Read more +

8. M2 Luxury Watch Guide 2017 (M2 September 2017)

The phrase ‘time is relative to the observer’ arose from Albert Einstein’s field equations, which were published in 1915. Although he was talking about time as it pertains to general relativity, this extends to us as observers within the human condition. A minute can feel like hours at moments of stress. Conversely, the oft-thrown-around idiom ‘time flies when you’re having fun’ reduces years into memories within the ether… Read more +

9. New to Watch From Watch Me (M2 September 2017)

Weightlessness, emptiness and feeling so miniscule compared to the giant world that I stare back at, there is a thick silence and all I can hear is my own breath and the mechanical sounds created from my spacesuit… “The Eagle has… Read more +

10. In The Moment (M2 September 2017)

A magical moment can be so fleeting, and we don’t always have the right equipment to capture it. Smartphone technology is developing extremely fast, and Apple has always had a strong focus on enabling us to have an incredible camera just sitting in our back pocket. In celebration of the incredible imagery people have captured on their iPhones, we offer a selection of our favourites from the finalists of the iPhone Photographer of the Year Awards… Read more +