The Style News You Need to Know

Quite recently, an $80 million development has popped up on the tail-end of Christchurch’s retail area, which features a 3500-square-metre shopping mall. This features a farmers’ market, 70 vendors and major international designer – HUGO BOSS.

The HUGO BOSS store is the brands’ first stand alone store in the South Island, giving those in the area access to the slick threads the designer brand has on offer.
Made to measure, formal and casual, it’d be worth your while to check out what HUGO BOSS is offering Christchurch nowadays, or pop into Sergios next door for other designer wares.
Find them at 76 Cashel Street in the Christchurch CBD.

Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.

-Bill Cunningham

Daily detox

For centuries, activated charcoal has been used widely around the world for health and skin care. Whether it be in detoxifying impurities, or curing kidney failure, charcoal has been heralded as a super agent in natural remedies. Australian-founded, Modern Pirate incorporated this element into a bar of soap and the result will surely leave you feeling refreshed and detoxified! Called the ‘Trouble Thy Waters’, it’s naturally formulated by coconut husk charcoal; the activated soap cleanses and rejuvenates impurities on the skin. With its high carbon content and porous surfaces, the soap is designed to slowly luxuriate along the body. You can grab a bar of this at for $16.50.

Parisian – 100 years in the making

Sitting on the edge of Myer’s Park in the heart of Auckland, Parisian has been turning out exceptional men’s accessories for 100 years.

Their story begins on a train journey across America, a voyage in search for a new idea. Their founder met a gentleman who showed him how the modern tie was made. A sketch on a napkin was tucked into his pocket and travelled with him back home to New Zealand.

Four generations of craft have culminated in Parisian’s centenary collection – named 1919 after the year the founder’s daughter Ruby put the finishing touches on the first tie, a century ago.
The 1919 tie collection is a celebration of opulent silks woven in a uniquely indulgent colour palette.

Each tie is hand finished and numbered as part of a limited release.

The first pair of Levi’s was sold in 1856 for approximately $6 worth of gold dust.