3 Positive Game Changing Habits

We all have things we put off and other things that we avoid at all costs. One thing I used to hate was making cold calls, arriving in New Zealand, working in commercial property I made about 3,000 cold calls during the first 6 months. These calls ended up in a fair bit of business and big inroads in making connections in a new country.

Some of my colleagues at the time were incredulous at the results I had achieved so quickly and wanted to know what my secret formula was. The secret they were so curious about was simple; hard bloody work! (Needless to say, I no longer hate cold calling)

Even today, I notice the people who excel at Pure SEO are not necessarily the smartest or the most educated. It is those that put in the hard work; very little in this world comes without a bit of hard graft.

Humans are typically habitual creatures, we all have habits and rituals that we undertake. We are also good at avoiding things that seem like hard work. By changing our mindsets and creating positive habits out of the things we don’t want to do we can create change that has the power to transform our lives.

  1. Start with the hard things – Every day I look at what I have to achieve. There are always a few things I would rather not do and want to put off. I now make the conscious decision to do those things first. Once I have done them, everything else in the day seems easy and manageable.
  2. Exercise – There was a time where I had got out of the habit of exercising. A couple of years ago I made the decision I wanted to get fit again. I now do kickboxing twice a week and boxing or circuits twice as well. I feel better for it in every aspect of my life.
  3. Switch Off – I love technology and have built a career that allows me to embrace it. However, it can start to permeate everything. When my wife started complaining about how much I used my phone during family time I was forced to reflect. Nowadays I do not use my phone after 8pm and tend to avoid it a lot on the weekends too. I play with my kids more and spend more quality time with my wife. Priceless.

It can be psychologically difficult to make change, however, once we do make a change, we often look back and realise it wasn’t that hard after all.