40 Years of Bond & Bollinger: No time to die but a great time to celebrate

Our two favourite things at M2 are Champagne Bollinger and James Bond. Sophisticated and stylish, while still remaining slightly irreverent. The brands represented by Bond often feature in our pages and the Bond movies have always had a lot of coverage by us around the launches. The content from these movies gets great engagement from our audience, so we know you love Bond as much as we do.

That makes this upcoming Bond movie even more exciting as it celebrates 40 years since James Bond picked up his first glass of Champagne Bollinger on screen in the movie Moonraker. It was the start of one of the longest lasting collaborations and an icon in the world of product placement. Who better to endorse your wonderful product than the international man of mystery himself?
With the upcoming release of the new Bond Movie, No Time To Die in April 2020, Champagne Bollinger release two incredible collectors editions:

The Bollinger 007 Limited Edition Millésimé 2011

To mark the release of the upcoming movie No Time To Die, the House has created a limited edition wine dedicated to 007, with a 2011 vintage inspired by the world of Bond. The jet-black 75cl bottle is adorned with the number “25” (since this is the 25th intallment of the Bond movies) and formed from the titles of the previous films. The 2011 vintage, an atypical year, inspired Cellar Master to produce a unique Champagne, created entirely from Pinot Noir from the Grand Cru village of Aÿ, where the House was first established in 1829. This is the first time that both the vintage and village have been used exclusively by Bollinger to make a dedicated wine. The excellent 2011 harvest in Aÿ, produced complex, powerful and harmonious Pinot Noirs, fully expressed in this characterful wine.

RRP $325.00

Bollinger Tribute to Moonraker Luxury Limited Edition

Moonraker took bond on an outer space adventure. To celebrate their 40 year partnership, Champagne Bollinger and 007 pay tribute to their shared heritage and revisit the space shuttle. Crafted from pewter and wood veneer, encasing a Saint Louis crystal ice bucket and a magnum of Bollinger 2007, the Bond vintage par excellence. Each numbered piece has been crafted and finished by hand, making it unique. Limited edition of 407 copies.

RRP $9,007.00