5 Pieces Of Essential Tech You Need Post-Lockdown

As we all headed into lockdown, I’m sure a lot of us were kicking ourselves for not getting the tech stuff we needed to really get through the ordeal in style. One of my friends is currently wishing the Switch was an essential product. Personally, I wish I hadn’t dilly dallied on getting the power supply for this new monitor that’s currently gathering dust. A lot of places have now opened up online to dispense essential items, and most electronics now fall under that category for productivity. Can’t do my job without a screen!

So with that in mind, we’ve collected a couple items that you might need during these challenging weeks ahead!

BOOST↑CHARGE USB-C Wall Charger 18W + USB-C to Lightning Cable

If you’re going to get a third party charger for iPhone, then Belkin is really your only solid choice. The BoostUp 18W USB-C PD wall charger supports Fast Charge for iPhone to charge iPhone 8 or later from zero to 50% in 30 minutes with the included cable, and other smartphones/tablets at optimal speeds.

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Don’t be fooled by this little guy. He has the fast charging abilities of the previous charger but with an additional 12-watt USB-A port for keeping your secondary tablet or smartphone charged at the same time. No longer do you need to fight the family for one wall socket! It’s also nice and compact, measuring 55 x 42 millimetres across, and only 23 millimetres deep.

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BOOST↑UP™ Wireless Charging Stand

But maybe you’re over the whole wires thing, why not finally make the jump to a wireless charger, or upgrade to a nicer charger. The BOOST↑UP™ Wireless Charging Stand is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices and can even charge through cases as long as they’re no more than 3mm thick. It can handle both portrait and landscape orientations, so it can also act as a kickstand in the kitchen if you want to watch some Netflix while doing the dishes or waiting for the bacon to get crunchy.

As long as your phone is Qi-enabled you should be good to go!

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7.5W Charge Dock for Apple Watch/iPhone

Available in both black and white, the BOOST↑UP Wireless Charging Dock is perfect for your nightstand and a big upgrade from the last gadget in terms of utility. Forget wires, just plonk your iPhone and Apple Watch onto the cradle and pad and it’ll do the rest. It charges your iPhone at the maximum possible wireless charging speeds of 7.5-watts. The magnetic pad for your watch runs at 5-watts, and just in case you have any more peripherals that need charging, such as your AirPods, it has another USB-A port just in case.

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Pocket Power, 10K, W/MicroUS/USB, CBL

Starting to venture out a little (but keeping to your local area), but forgot to charge up? That isn’t a problem when you have a little Pocket Power Powerbank to tote around. It has enough juice to keep your phone going for an additional 70 hours of video playback via it’s universal USB-A 2.4A port. It has two outputs as well, so perfect for couples that are burning through their batteries at the same time. A similiar 5V 2.0A input allows the powerbank to recharge quickly between uses.  The package of course comes with 6 inch micro-USB cable to keep the Pocket Power itself charged.

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