A Finney Finney Phone

When a product gets endorsed by super-star footballer, Lionel Messi, you know it’s going to be a good one. Launched last month, the Finney is the world’s most secure mobile phone – and that’s not an over-statement. Named after Hal Finney – the first man to make a Bitcoin transaction – the Finney is certainly something to slot onto your Christmas wish list. Perfect for a pal/old man/partner/son/brother who’s a crypto-whizz, the Finney was developed by Israeli manufacturer, Sirin Labs, to cater for cryptocurrency-enthusiasts. The phone runs a secure Sirin OS – sort of like Android 8.1 – but cooler and much more high-tech. A second screen sides into the body of the phone to make Bitcoin conversions easier. Just whip it out whenever you want to make a Christmas transaction. It has access to Dapps (decentralized apps), a multi-layered security guarantee, secure exchange programs, a Nano SIM and P2P resource ecosystem and comes with a crisp picture of 402ppi, 95 percent NTSC colour gamut and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. A very good, reliable phone for any businessman wanting to get into massive Christmas-related Bitcoin exchanges, like buying a house, or a stolen car off the black market. It’s available now on the Sirin Labs website, or can be purchased in the US, Tokyo or London for $1,000.