A Train That Becomes a Plane

French entrepreneur, Akka Technologies, have come up with this kooky plan and are hoping to have flying trains in 2100.

The idea sprouted from the idea of making the transition from the subway to the airport quicker. Called the ‘Link & Fly’, the train-plane is going to have 162 seats with an added option of cargo delivery and a 21,000kg payload. Looking at it, it’ll be similar to the Airbus A320 with wings that clip on and off, a wingspan of about 49 metres and measuring 34 metres long and eight metres high. The plane is envisioned to flying at a range of 2,200km with delta-shaped wings and a cruise-speed of Mach 0.78.

I know what you’re thinking, this idea is way too ambitious. Akka Technologies plan to spread this concept around the world and are hoping to make a deal with Boeing. Is this an idea that’s a bit too whacky for Boeing? I think not! This is the way of the future!