A God of Speed

Founded in a garage in 1948 between two British engineers, Lotus Cars have spent 71 years specializing themselves on speed. Recently they revealed their next production car, the Evija, dubbed to be the most powerful electric car in the world.

Powered by two electric motors, the hybrid model will be able to produce 1,471 kilowatts and 1,698 Newton-metres worth of torque. That means that it’ll be able to reach from 0 to 62 in under three seconds, and reach speeds of over 320 kilometres per hour. Each of the four wheels will have more power behind it than any other complete car that Lotus has created. The inside of the car looks as impressive as its specs. Decorated with sleek silver and containing plenty of tech, it’s like stepping into a game simulator. The body of the car fits the driver and their passenger comfortably, whilst also creating space for the car to glide through the air.

Reportedly, Lotus are expected to start pushing these out around North American next year with a limited release of only 130.