A McLaren Senna Was Made Completely Out Of Lego

I feel that I wouldn’t be the first man who says that I enjoyed Lego as a child. I remember building forts and castles as a kid and playing through the day and well into the night with them.

A huge global money-maker (and a money-grabber for any parent out there), Lego is, a real stepping stone for any child. Now it’s the big boys turn. UK-based automotive manufacturer, McLaren, recently released a full-scale model of their McLaren Senna supercar, and it’s a step back into childhood. It took the manufacturers nearly 8,000 hours to complete. The brick number? Try 467,854 separate bricks. That brings the total weight of the car to around 1519 kg. Funnily enough, it took about 16 hours longer than building an actual McLaren model. It has working head-lights, real Senna wheels and the cabin is decked out with things you’d expect from such a supercar.