These People are Making the Star Wars Hovercraft a Reality

Hovercrafts are things of the future, alright. Nifty, seemingly weightless as they glide through the air. Think Back to the Future and McFly’s hoverboard, Star Wars with the racing pods on Tatooine, or the Green Goblin’s ride in Spiderman. Unfortunately, technology hasn’t been as quick and changing as these sci-fi films anticipated. Aerofex, the Manhattan-based tandem-duct platform manufacturer is trying to change that. They follow in the footsteps of the real trailblazers – Igor Benson who invented the Propcopter in 1959, Frank Piasecki in the early ‘60’s, Charles Zimmerman and Stanley Hiller in the 1950’s. The Aero-X is based on a patented design that looks (and feels) like riding a motorcycle but in the air.