AI In Your Alarm Clock Will Make Sure You Never Wake Up Late

The gadget developers, Holi, have developed an alarm clock and AI system that turns straight into your own PA from the moment you wake up. It looks like a normal alarm clock, but there is also a wealth of knowledge inside this little droplet-shaped thing. Bonjour can let you know what the traffic is like, how the weather is and has the answer to any request you may have. AI systems are fast taking over the world with their and handiness. It boasts wi-fi connectivity and offers services like Spotify, Philips Hue and Nest. It can also hook up to your security cameras or smartphone apps and reads verbal commands. Bonjour can even read and schedule your actions without you having to manually do it yourself. As it’s still in its Kickstarter phase, it isn’t available in shops just yet, but can be bought online for about NZD$180.