All The Style Products You Need to Get By With This May

Layrite Daily Shampoo

Washing your hair is a sure-fire way of destressing after a hard day at work.

Layrite wants to help with their Daily Shampoo. Made using hemp seed oil and eucalyptus, it leaves hair healthy and stylish, dissolving any muck or grime build-up. It also adds a soft layer of nutrients and antifungal elements to care for your scalp. Gently massage daily for a full-headed cleanse.
You can buy a bottle of this shampoo for $35 from


On the edge of Myers Park in the heart of Auckland, Parisian make beautiful neckties and leather belts the same way they have since 1919.

Four generations of craft have culminated in their centenary collection – dubbed 1919 after the year the founder’s daughter Ruby put the finishing touches on the first tie a century ago.
The debut collection is a celebration of opulent designs woven in a uniquely indulgent colour palette. Each tie is a true investment piece, individually numbered as a strictly limited release.