Always count on healthy sperm

We all walk this earth thanks to healthy sperm. About 15 percent of couples are infertile, however.

Therefore, there’s a necessity, if anything, to make sure we get checked for the sake of future generations. Sex, fertility, and pregnancy is a tricky process, dependent on many factors. A low sperm count can be due to the bodies exposure to harsh chemicals or pesticides – smoking, alcohol, stress and/or obesity. People are having children older and older these days, so the necessity of checking yourself for healthy sperm is a must. We came up with a short list on things to look out for when counting on healthy sperm.

The mineral that keeps on giving

A new study has shown that the combination of folic acid and zinc supplements give sperm a greater chance of surviving. Some foods that are rich in zinc are beef and lamb, spinach and pumpkin seeds, oysters and shellfish.

Just relax

Stress can often have many unwanted health risks. Depression, anxiety and worry of ‘not being able to perform’ may lead to an influx of hormone cortisol. Cortisol, a steroid hormone in our bodies, is basically what gives us the ‘fight or flight’ mode when we’re pushed out of our comfort zones. Sexual satisfaction can reduce fidelity due to too much stress. So just relax. You’ll do great – it’s really not that small.

I’m just going to say it – sex is nice (but only when it’s safe)

What would we say healthy, regular sex looks like? Well – because we at M2 are all experts in this field – healthy sex comes in the form of controllable energy. An experience to be shared between two people where it’s empowering for both. Also getting checked regularly is a must.