Are Beards Still Cool?

It has long been debated – whether to beard or not to beard, to trim that stubble or sculpt that ‘stache. With the trends ebbing and flowing like Gandalf’s beard, make sure you know the do’s and don’ts of strong facial hair, like the fellas below…
Donald Glover – Donny rocks a bit of stubble on the chin with a more filled out upper lip for a slightly 80s Mo Town look
David Beckham – The icon of style, Beckham rocks a reasonably filled out stubble that transitions seamlessly from head to jaw. This is a man who knows how to scuplt and groom like a pro.
Matt Smith – Matt keeps his jawline clean and cut for his role as Prince Phillip in “The Crown”. For the classy royal look you would expect no less.



Henry Cavill – Despite notoriously growing and then shaving a mustache earlier this year, Cavill can’t be beat with the clean shaven, rock solid jaw line look. When you’ve got a jaw that looks like it was chiseled from marble, you don’t hide it in the bushes.
Jamie Dornan – The most bushy of the beards here, Dornan goes all out with the same length hair/beard combo. Making sure this stays groomed is key to completing the look.


Whether that’s convinced you to grow a beard or not, grab the best in grooming below, to make sure whatever facial hair you grow is perfectly on point.

Clockwise from top left:

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