Become One of the MiB With this Immersive Experience

Men in Black: International is out 14th of June, but you could experience it’s world much sooner than that. The team at have hooked up with Sony Pictures to create a completely immersive experience. It’s not often that the hotel you’re staying in becomes the main draw for going in the first place!

Guests lucky enough to catch the immersive Men in Black experience get to go to a re-creation of the Men in Black: International headquarters in London. Accommodating two guests per night, you first have to find the place, as it is as nondescript as the actual HQ. Once you have successfully identified the grand traditional building as the HQ, you find yourself in a rather industrial space with an MiB identifier in the middle. Once you’re suited up and a confirmed member of the MiB, a doorway slides open to reveal a pristine white and mirrored check room where they receive their initial agent and accommodation inductions.

Shout outs to the film include a recreation of the all-seeing eye, which features prominently in the movie, and guests will be able to go hands on with props used in the movie.

Andre Seddoh, Vice President International Marketing Partnerships Sony Pictures says: “We are always looking to be innovative and entertain people all over the world, so we are delighted to be working with The collaboration has enabled us to offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to stay in a recreation of the London MIB HQ and extend the hidden universe of Men in Black: International from the big screen and into the real world.”

The Men in Black HQ will open bookings for its 30th May stay on 21st May at 10 a.m. GMT, with the stay for 31st May being released at 10 a.m. GMT on the 23rd May. Priced at just £99 per night, this once-in-a-lifetime experience can be booked by visiting the listing here: