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Vitamins. We all know that they’re good for us, but they can be tricky to wrap your head around. Vitamin A? Vitamin B-what? Oh, so there’s eight B-Vitamins? Why aren’t they all in sequential order?

Vitamins are essential in helping your body run at optimal performance, but balancing the exact combination of vitamins unique to your body, along with the right dosage can seem like a whirlwind.

Luckily, there’s an easier, bespoke solution thanks to a new kid on the block, NZ company, Wondermins.

Wondermins works by factoring in your own unique needs with an easy to answer questionnaire. Through a sophisticated algorithm, the Wondermins Prescription Engine determines the right combination of vitamins tailored for your body, covering age, sex, current nutrition, dosage, release of nutrients and compatibility, coming up with a bespoke recommendation that’s just right for you. From there, add or remove as you see fit and a personalised pack of vitamins is put together, ready for dispatch.


In a sphere filled with health bloggers and influencers pawning off fit-teas and juice cleanses, Wondermins understands that the quality and efficacy of vitamins are paramount. Sourcing the best possible nutrients direct from suppliers around the world, they also take an evidence-based approach to recommendations to make sure that vitamins sourced are backed with scientific or research support.

Having a tailored formula also brings a savings benefit. Exceed your body’s required vitamin intake, and it’s simply expelled from your body – Wondermins makes sure that your intake is at the right level. Ordering from Wondermins also means savings of up to 30% on regular vitamins at the pharmacy, as well as saving on delivery cost.

Personalised, quality nutrients, delivered directly to you? Wondermins are changing the way we’re approaching vitamins.

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