Get Your Work Style On Point

From left to right: Paperweight by ZUNY, $80 from Smith & Caughey’s, Boots $299 from Rembrandt, Document Holder by Parisian, $99.99 from Barkers, Blue EDT, $125 by Jimmy Choo Man, Frames $459 from Specsavers, Tablet Case by Gentleman’s Hardware $76 from Smith & Caughey’s, Watch by Emporio Armani, $529 from Smith & Caughey’s, Scarf by Fellini, $59.95 from Parisian, Briefcase $860 from Deadly Ponies, Wallet $69.90 from Merchant 1948,Tie by Pierre Cardin, $49.95 from Parisian, Safety Razor by Muhle, $65 and Beard Shampoo by Proraso, $29 from