Gregg Hurwitz

Gregg Hurwitz – the New York Times bestselling writer of 19 novels, numerous screenplays for films and a New York Times Bestselling graphic novelist for 14 comic books – has definitely hit the ground running when it comes to producing top-quality, thrilling fiction. With multiple award nods under his belt – such as a two-time shortlisting for America’s International Thriller Writers Best Novel of the Year and the CWA’s Ian Fleming Steel Dagger, the Galaxy National Book Award and being published in 30 languages – the author is not slowing down any time soon.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area in 1973, Hurwitz’s childhood was spent getting familiar with the literary greats. He feverishly read Stephen King, Peter Benchley and other great American writers in order to master his own craft until, at the age of 19, he started writing his first book, The Tower, as a hobby. He wrote the 384-page book while also studying for his Bachelor of Arts degree at Harvard University and his Masters at Trinity College, Oxford, England. It wasn’t long after finishing The Tower that Hurwitz was swooped on by Marvel’s editor-in-chief who wanted him to reinvent a forgotten superhero character, the Punisher, a superhero who employs murder, torture, kidnapping, extortion and coercion in his battle against crime.

For television, Hurwitz has also written screenplays for, or sold specs to, major studios and written, developed and produced works such as V and Queen of the South. From comic books to television to novels, Hurwitz wears many hats. In an interview with online magazine, The Writer, Hurwitz claims he uses ‘separate muscles’ to shift between the different writing styles.
His book titles include: The Nowhere Man (2017); The Program (2005); Don’t Look Back (2014); and Hellbent (a 2018 release is expected), to name but a few. His most well-known title, Orphan X, is soon to become a Hollywood blockbuster directed and screen written by Bradley Cooper.

Orphan X tells of a young Evan Smoak who is enrolled, aged 12, in a top-secret operation entitled the ‘Orphan Program’. As the 26th member, he is known as Orphan X. The program, lead by the US government, trains children to be assassins for different high-powered agencies. After the program is shut down at the start of the novel, the secret team is disbanded, with each member going to lead a much more normal life. Years later, at the age of 30, Smoak rekindles his Orphan X moniker when freelancing vigilante-like jobs. But, as the novel progresses, Orphan X finds he’s been hunted all along.

Hurwitz’s latest novel, Hellbent, features Orphan X in a new, nail-biting adventure where the ‘Nowhere Man’ turns rogue. The man who raised him in the Orphan Program – the only father he has ever known – Jack Johns, is getting hunted down by secret government forces. Orphan X’s last assignment is to protect Johns and recruit for the program. This novel is fast-paced, chilling and edge-of-your-seat exciting and is a must-read for all Hurwitz fans.

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