Brain Pod

Before the death of the late acclaimed British architect, Will Alsop and his team at all design created another stunning piece of architecture.

The latest pod is located in Whitechapel, London and will be a free-standing science-experiment space. It was built for the Queen Mary University and Centre of the Cell, an interactive children’s science experience. It is 23 meters long and 10 meters high with 13 pieces of weathering steel to keep it all together. The exterior is covered in over a hundred filaments that glow and flicker red and blue. The interior is just as cool, with the space oozing with the power of the colour. The building was created piece-by-piece last year and is open now to go visit when you’re in the Old Smoke.

The new pod is based on a neuron cell, a nerve cell that processes and transmits information, with dendrites which appear as hairs growing out the main cell,”
Marcos Rosello, architect at all design