Tesla Robotaxis Could Be Here Sooner Than You Think

Elon Musk is that special kind of madman-genius. He comes up with ideas that are truly out of this world. No one believes he can do it, but then he just goes and proves us all wrong.

He’s the man behind one of the biggest electric car brands on the planet and has even bigger plans for it. Recently, Elon Musk has announced his upcoming plans for Tesla: robotaxis. Claimed to be the next USD$500 billion company, self-driving and shareable cars should be hitting the roads soon. And he’s pretty adamant that by “soon”, that’s next year. Their plan is to charge USD$1 per mile, making it cheaper to ride than Uber’s current pricing of USD$2 to $3 a mile. With drivers able to offer their Model 3’s as ‘sharable’ cars, riders will have the ability to ‘summon’ at will through the aptly titled Tesla Network. Described by Musk himself as a combination of “Airbnb and Tesla”, the service could raise the standards for convenience even higher than the precendent set by Uber and it’s competitors.

Images: Telsa, Inc