Chill In Style

Don’t you just hate it when you get into your glistening Rolls-Royce and your champagne just isn’t sufficiently chilled?

I know, it annoys me too. The House of Rolls-Royce is introducing the Champagne Chest to help out those frustrated millionaires. Thanks to the brand’s Design Collective, the design boasts “true luxury” and “epicurean pleasure” and suits just about any environment – a superyacht, a penthouse apartment, or the backseat of your Bespoke Rolls-Royce. The Champagne Chest really resembles attention to detail. The chassis, for example, is made from machined aluminium and carbon fibre, with a Natural Grain black leather and glances of Tudor Oak wood too. A central button will allow the lid to lift on the Champagne stored away and a silver serving tray on the exterior made from Tudor Oak that has designs laser-cut into. Tucked in the corner, a cradle will sit to contain preferred Champagne, caviar or canapés. Two Mother-of-Pearl spoons are housed at the top of the hammock and three porcelain bowls too. Essentials, I guess, for when you’re driving around town.  Rolls-Royce’s Champagne Chest is available now with prices ranging around NZD$72,000.



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