China Upgrades The Moon

In the words of the rock-group, King Harvest – “Everybody’s feeling’ warm and bright / It’s such a fine and natural sight / Everybody’s dancin’ in the moonlight.” The Chinese government would define those lyrics to being literal.

They’re planning to dance to their own artificial moonlight by 2020. I know what you’re thinking…we’ve all already got a very nice, fully working moon, but the Chinese are going to trump that by building another one.

The Chinese government plan to have new man-made moon to lower the use of street lamps and light sources in the dark. The massive satellite, made of millions of introspective panels, is said to reflect eight times the sun’s brightness. The mirrors will launch at Xichang Satellite Launch Center in the Sichuan province and will cost up to 1.2 billion yuan as it orbits the Earth 500 km up. If everything goes to plan on is launch, three more artificial moons will be launched by 2022.