This Bracelet Makes Your Arm a Phone

“Like a tablet, but on your skin…” The tagline for this product says it all.

The Cicret Bracelet team are buzzing with their latest concept. Based in Paris, France, this company is really pulling out all the stops for this latest tech venture. Imagine this: a bracelet (available in 10 different colours) that looks quite stylish and slick. Press a button on the top and (hey-presto!) tiny ‘pico projectors’ and eight mini proximity sensors beam your device screen onto your arm *gasp. Brain explodes*.

Wifi and Bluetooth connections are both available with this device, so you can connect to any network at any time. Simply flick, swipe, pinch and zoom the screen just like you would with your normal device screen…but on your skin.

The bracelet will also be available in 32Gb and 16Gb so it’s gonna have quick connection timing. Cicret produces ‘dummy-copies’ of the bracelet and one-by-one purchases made over the internet. It has yet to hit any shelves globally yet, but when it does, I’m sure that this is going to open more doors for big, global businesses like Apple or Google. When it comes to New Zealand, I’ll definitely line up to grab one!


Coolness rating: 10/10