Cool Bikes

A new brand of e-bikes have hit the shelves recently, under the name of Cool Bikes. And yes, they are very cool.

E-bikes are slowly becoming more and more the norm when it comes to quick travel on two wheels. Complete with Cruiser-like styles, and additions from top brands such as Samsung and Shimano, these retrofitted biking kits offer a whole different way of riding. E-bikes are certainly taking the world by storm. Cool Bikes is a branch of Europa Watch, a distributor of technology appliances that is revolutionizing the capabilities of bicycle riding.

With a built-in 360° sound experience for both indoors and outdoors, the Soundcast VG7 lets the sound surround.

Cool Bikes offers a wide range of bikes, such as the Beast Major (arriving this month) with its matt black Alloy frame and a 48V Hub motor, and the Beast Minor with its same features but on a smaller level. The Cool Bike e-bikes feature Samsung 48 Watt Lithium rechargeable batteries, complete with NZ charging ports for when you’re biking internationally. The batteries are kept safe with two sets of keys that lock upon demand, and keep your bike from getting stolen. It seems that Cool Bike has really hit-the-ground-peddling when it comes to developing such technologically-advanced machines for riding pleasure.