Do it for the gains… + All the Health News You Need this Month

Going to the gym is a good way of insulating your body from injuries and stabilizing your joints. First, you must enter with a goal and organize your exercises surrounding that. Do you want to build your stamina? Strength? Do you want to lose weight?

Your rep count is the most important thing to focus on. If you’re looking at building strength, try going for about seven to twelve repetitions. If you’re looking at honing more on endurance, try up to 15 reps of specially designed exercises. Bench presses and squats are good to start with, as they are more likely to start working your way to your goal. The second point to cover is: what muscles are the most important to train? The simple answer…every one. Don’t think of “skipping leg day”. Muscles you don’t think are being worked on are being worked on.

There are heaps of exercises online to try, or pop in to your local gym and chat with the team.

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