Doc Martens – Attitude and Durability to boot

I’ll be among the first to sing the praises of the Dr. Martens brand. Docs are one of the only instances wear accumulated damage and wear-and-tear actually adds to the appeal of the shoe but I’m not saying go out there and scuff a brand new pair – let that happen naturally over time. Heavy duty and with an iconic look, Docs are a perfect pair with jeans and in a variety of casual and even semi-formal looks.

The traditional black lace-ups are of course a go-to pair, but these boots inspired by Romanticist painter J.M.W Turner are truly unique.  They’re a beautiful clash between art history and footwear.
Sometimes a simple pick like a different material upper can give you the subtle edge stylistically. The Dr Martens Pascal 8 eye black, while still a dark tone, has a totally different feel and texture to the standard black boots.
Brown Boots will always be in style. These Docs have a particular rustic feel about them – from the back tag, faded eyelets leather tone. The contrasting upper trim is a nice touch.