Don’t Go Off The Deep End

The mind of a creative is a minefield of endless possibilities. They place a rubbish bag on a rocking chair and call it art. They spin the lyrical and call it poetry. What would you call hanging a glass swimming pool off a cliff edge? Lunacy? Or genius?

Design studio, Hayri Atak Architectural Design came up with a similar design, positioning such an aforementioned watering hole in mid-air! The Istanbul studio conceptualised the building to sit up 600 metres above the Preikestolen – a steep cliff that overhangs the Lysefjorden fjord. They envision the hotel lobby to be entered through the top of the cliff, and branch off to three floors and open out onto a communal area. The nine guest suites are going to be exquisitely designed and divided over three floors with shared balconies.

Of course, it also has that cantilevering swimming pool that hangs precariously over the side of the cliff. Very cool, but yikes!

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