Dynaudio Music

Leading Danish audio developer, Dynaudio, has recently launched a new line of speakers called Music. It’s a very portable device that fits well and looks stylish in any environment. It’s pretty cool, even if I do say so myself.

The design of the speakers seem to take inspiration from traditional Chinese designs and origami with a modern, unique shape and colour-palate. It seems to blend in with whatever environment it sits in with its cotton-designed cloth finish making the application stylish and adaptable. It was designed by Danish textile house, Gabriel, and is available in light grey, dark grey, red and blue.

The speaker is partnered with the Dynaudio Music app which you can download to your phone. Just simply switch the speaker either to ‘Off’ or ‘Intelligent’ in which the volume and tone changes, matching with the space and feel of the room. The speaker scans your search history and organizes personal radio stations to cater for each individual listener. There are seven speakers to choose from, each different in size ranging from the smaller, Dynaudio Music 1 to the Dynaudio Music 7 which was recently awarded the Wireless Multi-Room Speaker of the Year over $1,000 at the 2018 Sound+Image Awards. The prices range from NZD$849 to $1899. The price might put you off, but this speaker is definitely an investment for the avid music listener.

Coolness gadgets rating: 8/10