Editor’s Letter – January 2018

Simon Moutter is a man who has the livelihood of thousands of New Zealanders on his shoulders, he has control over 100s of millions of dollars’ worth of infrastructure and he has influence over how many of us connect with each other and the world on a daily basis. Yet there is one simple human concept that seems most top of mind for the CEO of our largest telco. A concept that predates the smartphone, the mobile phone and even electricity. More powerful than a 4G 1800MHz (LTE Band 3) network and more influential than a top NZX ranking and a 100 years of trading legacy.

That thing according to Simon is “authenticity”. When you are trying to lead a vision – regardless of if you are talking to thousands of employees or one, people do have a radar for authenticity. In this issue we talk to Simon about the reinvention of Spark and creating a culture where people believe in the vision of where the company is going. Regardless of the scale and the systems involved, a big part of this success comes down to this authenticity. People are attracted to honesty, belief and vision. You might not be faced with the task of reinventing a large telco but chances are that you will need to convince somebody of something at some point and it’s worth taking these into consideration. The other thing is that if you are trying to come from a point of authenticity it might just define what it is you are trying to do in the first place. Here’s to a great 2018.