Editor’s Letter – September 2017

Prostate. Prostate. Prostate. Sorry, I couldn’t think of a more eloquent way to draw attention to something that still kills too many New Zealand men. I’m sorry, I know you’ve come here to read about success, style, entertainment, tech and Ryan Gosling but we’ll get to that shortly. Every year, around 600 men die in New Zealand of prostate cancer. Fathers, sons, brothers. While the number itself is shocking, there is no statistic that measures the grief of just one loss. The crazy thing is that prostate cancer is preventable if detected early enough. We men are just so bad  at going to the doctor and getting these things checked. And so every year, 600 of us keep dying. This could be the year that you are one of the men who are saved from prostate cancer by getting off your ass – so to speak. So this month, support Blue September, help out the Prostate Cancer Foundation but most of all, help yourself out by getting a check. That’s it, lecture over. Now back to Ryan.