Ep.63 – Behind the Scenes – How to Write for Film and TV

Storytelling is a fundamental human instinct and in a lot of ways we define ourselves by the universal truths explored in the many forms of these stories. But storytelling isn’t just a bit of old magic mixed in with some ideas and then a red carpet, it is a craft and something unfortunately that requires work.

One of New Zealand’s hardest working writers is Kathryn Burnett, a screenwriter, playwright and workshop facilitator.  She has accrued significant television and film credits and recently had a telefeature produced by Greenstone Pictures (NZ). She is currently on the writing team for a sci-fi series (HBO) and has two feature films in development.

When she’s not writing she runs dynamic writing and creativity workshops. She is a regular speaker at film & TV industry events and the creator of The Writing Room. https://www.kathryn-burnett.com/. Kathryn shares with us her insights and advice from the world of screenwriting and some advice for those who want to write but don’t know where to start.

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