Ep.64 – How To Convert Struggle Into Greatness

“I really struggled in school. I was that kid in primary school, you know the one. The kid that had such a difficult time keeping my mouth shut, so much so that I grew up on a first name basis with Margaret the receptionist at the principal’s office. The class clown. No one ever really saw the demons I was battling with. I’m not sure if I even saw them myself.”

It turned out that Nayzel Sushil had dyslexia, but by the time he was diagnosed as a 15 year-old, he was already been defined as a troubled kid. Some even suggested he was headed for jail. But Nayzel’s life wasn’t to be defined by what other’s thought of it. He is driven to create change for others. And quite a drive that is.
Nayzel is the founder of Feature NZ, a South Auckland based creative firm, The Loft NZ and Be A Wolf South Auckland, which are two initiatives launched to address some systemic challenges in communities.

The Loft NZ’s main focus is on raising awareness on mental health around New Zealand and is behind the “The Check In” collection, which is an initiative where people wear a checkered shirt and check in on their mates. As well as raising funds, the idea is to also encourage us to hold each other accountable, to be there and support one another.
Be a wolf is a movement to unlock the untapped potential people have. It is also to nurture their confidence to influence change and lead boldly with whatever they wish to accomplish in life.

Their current focus is to inspire the youth of South Auckland to go beyond what the stereotypes expect from them. To chase their goals and ambitions and find purpose in life. We talk to Nayzel about the power of goals, ambition and that purpose for him.

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