Ep.69 – MMA Champ Fighting For Mental Health

Mixed Martial Arts and the world of UFC has become a big deal over the years and there must be something in the water at City Kickboxing in Auckland because it helping to produce New Zealand fighters that are kicking arse and taking names, figuratively and literally, on the global stage. One fighter on the ascent is UFC champ Shane Young who in spite of the fame and the money that is linked to this world, is focused on his sport and using the platform to be a positive influence on his community and to raise awareness of mental health issues.

Even in the moment when the mic was handed to him after his February 2019 win over American Austin Arnett at UFC 234 in Melbourne, he used the opportunity to speak about New Zealand’s high suicide rates and to plead with people to get help if they needed it and even to reach out to him. We talk to Shane about his UFC journey and his impact on others – in the cage and out of it.

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