The 80 Metre Long Superyacht Missing From Your Life

Termed by the Ancient Greeks to being a state where all judgements are suspended to guarantee feelings of worry and anxiety, an epoche is the feeling any male should strive for.

To just not worry and to relax, put your feet up and lavish in luxury. That’s what’s been promised by naval architecture giants, Dr Andrew Baglin and Stuart Friezer. The first thing to note about this concept yacht is the size: 80 metres. That’s one and a half times the size of The Leaning Tower of Pisa! Eye-catching and bold in its exterior, the structure and panoramic windows give the concept a great edge. The interior is very, very similar. Accommodation for up to 20 guests can spread through 10 staterooms and there’s an extra penthouse suite for the owner and a private walk-around exercise deck surrounding the boat. The penthouse contains a cocktail bar, and dining facilities which is connected to the helipad (because having one of them on your yacht is essential) and the beach club via a lift. It also includes a theatre, bistro and butlers kitchen. Its supermassive engines will push this boat to 40 km/h. The concept superyacht is looking to coming into fruition and become available in the next couple of years.

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