Erganomic ‘earing

Powerful gaming headsets are essential tools for any type of gamers. LucidSound launched their LucidSound LS35X Surround Sound headphones earlier this year and it’s a stunner, alright. Able to connect directly to any Xbox One device or other gaming console, the LS35X is based off the universal headset design and features dual microphones and wonderful ergonomics. The headphones are wireless and have a touch, lightweight precisely-adjusted tonal balance. The LS35X has a built-in volume control which changes by touching the side of the 50mm earpieces. The headset has a great battery life too. The model charges with a Micro USB charger and runs on eight hours on a high volume. The LucidSound LS35X Gaming Headset was released last month and is available on their website and Amazon for USD$179.99.