Join 300 highly motivated entrepreneurs, business decision makers and high performers inspired by industry pioneers in technology, innovation & well being. Get insights into the future of business, the innovations & emerging technologies impacting the way we work & live. You will come away with actionable ideas, new business opportunities, and new contacts for your innovation journey.

The Schedule

Wednesday 20 November 2019
Cordis Hotel, Auckland CBD

9:00 am
9:30 am
Welcome by M2 Editor, Andre Rowell
9:45 am
“Anxiety in Disguise” – Sarah Laurie, CEO Of Take A Breath
10:05 am
“3D Printed Electric Vehicles and the Efficiency Revolution” – Ira Munn, CEO Ierospace Industries
10:30 am
“The Power of Storytelling” – James Hurman, Founder & CEO, Storytech
10:55 am
Coffee break & networking
11:15 am
“10 Years of Impossible Things” – Vaughan Fergusson, Founder of Vend
11:35 am
“Why the world will continue to embrace the global phenomenon known as esports” – Duane Mutu, Co-Founder,
12:00 pm
“Why big business needs to lead sustainable change” – Sam Forrest, Marketing Manager DB Export
12:35 pm
1:35 pm
“How being a GMO beat cancer” – David Downs, General Manager, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise
1:55 pm
“Connecting The Dots” – Dominic Bowden
2:20 pm
“The Future Of Work” – Sarah Bowden, One Commercial Partner & Small, Medium & Corporate Director, Microsoft
2:55 pm
Coffee break & networking
3:15 pm
“AR, VR, MR – let’s get real about our new reality” – Sam Ramlu, Founder, Method
3:40 pm
Empowering New Zealand  companies with transformative opportunities to reach global customers” – Pier Smulders, Country Manager, Alibaba Group
4:25 pm
“The Entrepreneurial Journey” – Domingo Silvas, Founder, Scale 8Up
4:50 pm
“Wrap Up & Key Learnings” – Andre Rowell, Editor, M2
5:00 pm
Networking Cocktail Party
6:00 pm


Pier Smulders

New Zealand Country Manager, Alibaba Group

As part of the Global Business Team, Pier Smulders works across Alibaba businesses supporting their activities in New Zealand with a focus on helping New Zealand exporters build brands in China and tourism enterprises and retailers reach more Chinese travellers in New Zealand. He holds a BA from Brown University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Vaughan Fergusson -

Vaughan Fergusson

Founder & Director of VEND

Vaughan Fergusson was EY\’s Tech Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014 and is the co-founder of The Pam Fergusson Charitable Trust running initiatives to transform education like OMGTech!, and setting up an enviro-tech centre in the middle of the bush in Raglan. Every year Vaughan does an impossible challenge, something to take him out of his comfort zone, like running 1,000km, learning to sing to get a paid gig in front of 100 people or cycling around the world in 80 days.

Sarah Bowden -

Sarah Bowden

One Commercial Partner & Small, Medium & Corporate Director, Microsoft

Sarah Bowden is responsible for the overall strategy, sales, marketing and partner programs for Microsoft’s SMC customer and partners ecosystems in New Zealand. Sarah is very passionate about helping New Zealand businesses be even more successful, whether it’s through leveraging technology to optimise their operations, create new products and services or driving change through marketing and business strategy.

Sarah Laurie -

Sarah Laurie


Sarah has widely researched some of the biggest challenges we face in the 21st century – stress, change, energy, increased workload and globalisation. She has written three best-selling books; Change your Life, From Tired to Inspired and Stress Less. She believes people are biologically designed to be awesome at what they do, and live healthy, happy lives. Yet current workplace pressures mean we’ve become disconnected from how to.

Ira Munn -

Ira Munn

CEO of IEROSPACE Industries International

Ierospace Industries are developing 3D printed electric vehicle kits using recycled plastics. Ierospace\’s present effort is the Drop, a single-seater, weather-protected, three-wheeled, electric vehicle kit buildable in less than twenty hours with an estimated range of over 321km. Ierospace merged with Los Angeles-based technology company R.E.P.S. Inc. in 2017.

James Hurman -

James Hurman

CEO & Founder, Storytech

Storytech is a ‘brand strategy in a box’ digital platform for startups and small businesses. He is also the founder of Toothcrush, a subscription service shipping eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes to thousands of subscribers across New Zealand, Australia and the US. James also authored 2 books, Boy and the Lemon which a story that teaches kids the scientific principles of being lucky and The Case for Creativity which is about the data showing that when businesses are more creative, they’re more successful.


Sam Ramlu

MD, Method, M Theory

Sam is a proven thought leader, storyteller and creative technology innovator. She has spent over 20 years finding awe-inspiring ways to bring stories and experiences to life, starting with digital and extending into exhibitions, and augmented and virtual reality. Passionate about creating authentic experiences, Sam sees technology as a driver and enabler for creative ideas that truly connect with their audience. The co-founder and Managing Director of award-winning creative innovations agency Method and AR/VR studio M Theory, Sam is on a mission to foster greater collaboration within the tech and creative industries, with the goal of showcasing local talent and attracting international projects.

Duane Mutu


Duane Mutu is widely regarded as one of the leading esports voices and personalities in the Australasian region. He speaks extensively around the globe on esports and gaming. Having previously worked on the publisher side of gaming for over 10 years with heavy hitting brands like Ubisoft, EA, Warner Brothers, Disney, THQ , he more than understands how the gaming eco system works. He is a founder and managing director of leading esport company Lets Play Live (LPL) and is a founding board member of the NZESF. He is a gaming presenter and media expert having regular slots on many media outlets across the region.

Melanie Reece

Managing Director, Havoc & Harmony

Melanie Reece has over 25 years experience in media, innovation and technology leading New Zealand’s most successful teams. Melanie started out at TVNZ and worked her way through the ranks to become National Sales Manager ten years later. Now, she spends her time working with NZ companies with a global vision to change the world for good, specialising in assisting female founders to take their share of technology investment.

David Downes -

David Downs

General Manager, New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

David Downs works with the technology sector to help fast growing tech companies grow internationally, and leading a cross-government project for the agritech sector. David regularly presents and gives talks on his cancer journey and on the power of positive thinking and optimism.

Domingo Silvas

Domingo Silvas

Founder, Scale 8Up

Domingo has built several companies from the ground up and his many endeavors have even reached out of this world success – in contracts with NASA for technology supporting manned space exploration.

The understanding of every aspect of these principles from Idea to Exit, help him and other entrepreneurs he has worked with over the years to create successful growth strategies that can be systemized and duplicated. These principles then later evolved to what is known now as the Scale 8UP method.

Aside from his dedication to his family, Domingo continues to be involved in various enterprises, but he is most passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. Domingo is a 100% experienced driven coach, who has worked with entrepreneurs in 6 continents.


Sam Forrest

Marketing Manager DB Export

Over the last seven years Sam has cut his teeth across multiple FMCG brands in Marketing and Sales, including winning the title of NZ Rookie Marketer of the year in 2015. Upon returning from the quintessential New Zealand OE in 2017, Sam found himself, like many Kiwi millennials, searching for a way to instill more purpose into his career. When making a decision on next steps he weighed up returning to the corporate world, or taking a step in another direction. He came to a realisation that he could make the most impact by working within businesses who have the resources and desire to do good, to help them do the right thing for people and the planet. Over the past two years Sam has found his passion in applying creativity to circular economy thinking with the DB Export beer brand. This has included using sand made from beer bottles to repave Queenstown airport, educating Kiwi consumers about recycling and facilitating Kiwi entrepreneurs to turn waste into useable products. Sam has recently been entered as a participant in the ‘Nudge Global Impact challenge’, an eight month challenge for young leaders in sustainability wanting to make an impact within their industry and respective countries.


Fantastic start to the M2 Success Innovation Summit at the Cordis with the opening by Buttabean with an amazing diverse speaker. Buffet to follow.
-Mike Keech

I enjoyed the day and came away with several excellent take outs and a couple of good networking opportunities for follow up. Often when one attends such events, they are industry specific and themed, but what really made the day was the eclectic range of speakers covering a broad spectrum from start-ups to business stars with something to interest most people. I think the 20 min speaker format kept things interesting and moving as did the format and variety from individual speakers, to Andre interviewing some of the presenters. Well done to you and your team.
-Les Probert

Many thanks for the exceptional day! The broad range of speakers were inspirational, as were the amazing people that filled your audience. The venue was spot on, and the food was awesome! I particularly enjoyed the format – fast moving that showcased the depth of talented people doing some incredible things both here and internationally. I’m looking forward to more.
-Peter Adams

What an inspirational start to a Wednesday, hearing Dave Letele aka the Brown Buttabean open the #m2successsummit. Love his message that health is the real wealth – it’s not uncommon to forget this if we’re too focused on our work life demands. A good reminder to stop making excuses for neglecting your physical and mental wellbeing (and with that, I’m leaving the office and heading off to play a game of netball!).
-Sally Vernon

Well done on an exceptional event. By far the best of its kind in New Zealand. Can’t wait for the next one.
-Melanie Reece

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Cordis Hotel, Auckland