Everything You Need To Keep Healthy This Winter

Looking to smash your marathon goals? Or are you worried about getting lazy over the impending winter? we’ve got you covered in this month’s health news.

Don’t Fall to Being Lazy

A large number of men find it quite difficult to shed fat after summer and would rather sit inside watching the TV, rather than go for a run in the frightfully chilly weather.

We at M2 don’t want you to feel that extra wheel around your stomach, just so you can stay warm in the colder months. Our health specialists recommend that, instead of venturing out onto the freezing-cold tracks at five A.M. every morning, switch the run for weights or gyming. You could be burning three times the amount of calories! Weight training increases metabolic rates. In layman’s terms, that means how much energy you’re storing away for the winter seasons. Another top tip from us is to NOT cut out on desserts. As we tend to eat less fruit in autumn-time, our bodies crave sugar. Make sure to have proportionate amounts of sweet stuff a day.

Take A Run Around Christchurch

Later this year in early June, Christchurch is hosting their iconic marathon. What’s different is that the start will be outside the Christchurch Town Hall on Kilmore Street in the CBD, as opposed to Cathedral Square. The location of the event had changed numerous times since the devastating 2011 earthquakes. The marathon will feature the full 42.2km route, or the 21.1 km half-marathon. It circles alongside Hadley Park, Christchurch Casino and Avon River, to name but a few beautiful locations around this marathon. The 2019 ASB Christchurch Marathon is on the Sunday 2nd June. Entries are open now at christchurchmarathon.co.nz

Photo Credit: marathon-photos.com

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