Finding A Restaurant With Perfect Ambience

The ambience and style of a restaurant adds to the dining experience and at MASU, it’s all in the details. Walking up the stairs to the restaurant entrance, you are greeted with the beauty of perfectly manicured hanging cherry blossoms to your right and the intriguing fortune blocks, wishing you luck and protection, to your left.

No detail is too small; when placing the settings at the sushi bar, the best place to see all the kitchen action, the floor staff diligently line the chopsticks up with a laser to ensure every setting is perfect.

Photograph by Babiche Martens

Your green tea will be served in traditional Japanese teapots with hand painted cups and your dishes are served on beautiful handmade plates and platters imported from the most talented fabricators in Japan.

Whilst devouring the picture-perfect creations on the table before you, enjoy watching the talented chefs expertly slicing, dicing and cooking in the open kitchen. The attentive wait staff glide around the room delivering drinks from the bar, clearing dishes, topping up water and ensuring you have the best experience possible. Allergies and dietary requirements are taken seriously at MASU and the friendly staff are eager to help you in any way they can.


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Photograph by Babiche Martens