Fitness In The Workplace

Office-bound men, sitting stagnant at their desks, may often feel like their physical well-being is declining somewhat. I know I feel it from time-to-time – the nine-to-five droll, staring at a flickering screen all day, no motivation to hit the gym or achieve any fitness goals. Workplace fitness sounds like a silly sort of concept, right. How can one bring the entire contents of their gym to work with them? They can’t, is the simple answer.

But what you can do is keep motivated and practice fitness in the workplace other ways. Wearable fitness trackers, like Fitbit and Garmin, all follow personal progress in steps taken, calories burned and heart beats so you can keep track of your wellbeing. Try biking or walking to work instead of taking public transport, try to have a stand-up desk opposed to a sit-down one to promote moving around and eat healthily at lunch break.

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