Free On Demand – Westside

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If you enjoyed 2000’s comedy crime drama, Outrageous Fortune, then Westside is the show for you. It is the prequel to Outrageous Fortune and follows our favourite criminal couple, Ted and Rita West. The re-casting of Antonia Prebble from Loretta West (Outrageous Fortune) to Rita West (Westside), going from grandchild to grandmother, is accompanied by the casting of David de Lautour in the role of Ted West. In case you were unfamiliar with the show, Ted is an eccentric man who also has a knack for cracking safes. Westside takes us on a historical ride starting in the 1970s as we learn about the couple’s past during a time of social unrest. The series has so far been nominated for multiple New Zealand television awards and is going strong in its 4th and current season.

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