M. Night Shyamalan pulls the longest con of all time by tying two of his films together into a surprise trilogy. Taking Unbreakable (2000) featuring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson and intertwining it with the psychological thriller Split starring James McAvoy and you now have a surprise deconstructed superhero universe.

Following on directly from Split, David Dunn (Willis) must chase down the murderous Kevin Wendell Crumb (McAvoy) and his diabolical split personality The Beast. Meanwhile the titular Mr. Glass (Jackson) holds information pertinent to both men.

People that have kept their ear close to the ground have known of the possibility of this trilogy for years, but Willis’s appearance at the end of Split definitively tied the movies together. If you’re looking for a refreshing spin on the idea of what Superhero films can be outside of the Marvel hype machine, then Shyamalan’s take may be well worth you checking out.