Have a Merry Christmas (but not too merry)

December is a month where you need to sit back and reflect on the year gone by and get excited about the the year to come. With the stresses of the calendar year coming to a close and the Christmas season building momentum, we’ve got to make sure not to over indulge and take a back-seat with our health. Christmas potluck parties are events teeming with potentially over-eating (and drinking too much too). Promoting strict vege/vegan/keto diets during Christmas is quite unrealistic, so we at M2 promote you to be careful at not being too picky about strict dietary routines if that’s not your thing. Eat what you want, but don’t get too greedy and trigger happy with what you’re putting in your body. It could leave you feeling sluggish and lethargic. As the work Christmas party comes to a close, you can finally loosen your belt and slob on the sofa, but try not to get too comfortable as the weight may pile on. Stay active, go for walks, keep the pounds off and be mindful that Christmas is a time to enjoy yourself – so make sure to have fun as well as keeping yourself healthy.